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What's on in NSW

Spiders - Alive & Deadly

29th October 2016 to 17th July 2017

Spiders are the most successful animals on the planet – they can spin webs, climb, swim, dance, parachute and they can even drop a limb when threatened and grow it back.

Nude: Art from the Tate Collection

5th November 2016 to 5th February 2017

The Art Gallery of New South Wales and Tate, London have come together to present two centuries’ worth of nude masterpieces. 

Adventure Racing World Championship

8th November 2016 to 18th November 2016

The Adventure Racing World Series brings some of the world’s best endurance athletes together as they compete in a series of adventure races such as mountain biking, climbing, trekking and kayaking. 

Australian X Open of Supercross

12th November 2016 to 13th November 2016

The AUS-X Open is a two-night supercross spectacular featuring some of the world’s best supercross racers.

Emirates Australian Open Golf Championship

17th November 2016 to 20th November 2016

Australia's most prestigious golf championship is back for another year.