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Information for International Students


International students are an integral part of the cultural, social and economic fabric of New South Wales and of Sydney.

We are a proudly multicultural community, offering a welcoming environment for students with a relaxed and friendly lifestyle to match.

Many of our international student graduates become leaders in their home communities and recommend the NSW education and training system throughout their business and social networks.

Our international students are entitled to feel their study experience is both safe and of high quality.The NSW Government will do all in its power to maintain the highest standards of international education in NSW.

Studying in NSW

To find out more about studying in Sydney and surrounding regions go to Study in Sydney.

The Study in Australia website also contains helpful information about studying in NSW. Visit Study in Australia.

International Student Hotline

This initiative provided by the Australian Government is a hotline for students to raise concerns. Call 1300 363 079 or visit Study in Australia and submit any queries you have about studying in Australia.

Student Organisations