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Premier's Innovation Initiative

The opportunity to submit proposals for the Social Housing, Congestion, Open data and Open ideas priority areas has now closed and we have commenced evaluation.

About the Premier's Innovation Initiative


"The Innovation Initiative is a significant opportunity for the NSW Government to engage with business, community and other non-government stakeholders to help us deliver services to the people of NSW. This exciting initiative is about opening up Government avenues to the public and combining our considerable know-how."
NSW Premier Mike Baird

The people of NSW expect improvements in public services, with more choice, better quality and greater local influence in decision making. We want our State to have quality services and infrastructure, and be a place people will choose to live, work and invest in.

Attracting and implementing innovative approaches and technologies, and focussing on customer needs, will be one of the best ways these goals can be met. Innovative solutions proposed by non-government bodies provide an opportunity to explore new methods and apply new models for wider application in the future.

Through the Premier’s Innovation Initiative we seek to uncover the best innovative ideas and know-how from outside government through a competitive selection process. The Initiative is established as a fourth channel through which the NSW Government can commission services alongside direct delivery by public sector employees, competitive tendering and unsolicited proposals.

The Initiative:  

  • is a high level invitation to the private and non-government sectors to submit innovative proposals focussing on four priority areas;
  • seeks new methods and service-delivery models to advance priority goals;
  • focuses on innovative and repeatable approaches that return quality services and provide value-for-money;
  • will select a limited number of proposals in each of the three priority areas, so that competition encourages the best proposals to be brought forward.

Increasing competition for delivery of public services improves the performance of current providers, and creates opportunities for new entrants to offer better or more cost effective solutions, potentially freeing up funds to improve or extend services.

We are seeking proposals in the following four priority areas:

  • Social housing: using innovative solutions to assist with replenishment of the public housing portfolio, and address other challenges facing the social housing system.
  • Open data: fast-tracking the release of de-identified data (open data) to maximize value for the community.
  • Congestion: reducing congestion in hot spots across Sydney’s roads.
  • Open ideas: where you identify the policy challenge and provide us with a solution.