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One punch can ruin lives

One punch can be lethal, and thrown without warning or gloves can be deadly. One punch can ruin lives.


Boxing champion Danny Green is getting behind the NSW Government’s new laws, which aim to stop drug and alcohol related violence.

The new laws include:

  • New sentences for ‘one punch’ assaults
    A 20 year maximum sentence for anyone who unlawfully assaults another who dies as a direct or indirect result of the assault. If the offender was intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, a minimum of eight years and a maximum 25 year sentence applies.
  • Existing maximum sentences increased by two years
    For serious assaults where drugs and alcohol are involved, existing maximum sentences will increase by two years, and mandatory minimum sentences have been introduced.
  • Voluntary intoxication removed as a mitigating factor in sentencing
    Voluntary intoxication by drugs or alcohol will be removed as a mitigating factor when courts determine sentences.
  • Drug and alcohol testing for suspected offenders
    Police can conduct drug and alcohol testing when they suspect an offender has committed an alcohol or drug fuelled violent assault.

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