Community Building Partnership Program Assessment of Applications for NSW Government Grant

Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Undertakings and Conflict of Interest Declaration.

The Assessor acknowledges that they will have access to Confidential Information in their role assessing applications for a grant under the Community Building Partnership Program (the Program).

The Assessor must ensure that they do not have any conflict of interest that may impact on the integrity of the Program.

The Assessor understands that while this declaration sets out certain specific obligations in relation to the Program, their obligations as an employee/ Minister/ Member of Parliament (as applicable) are broader than those specified in this declaration and those general obligations are not limited by the matters covered in this declaration. 

1. Confidential Information

1.1. The Assessor understands that all information provided or disclosed, directly or indirectly, in connection with the Program is to be treated as being confidential (“Confidential Information”) but does not include:

  • information which, at the time of the disclosure, was in the public domain; or
  • information which, subsequent to the disclosure, enters the public domain,  except through breach of this undertaking or any other obligation of confidence.

1.2. The Assessor undertakes to: 

  • not disclose Confidential Information to any person:
     i.    without the prior written consent of Anna Choy, Senior Project Officer ('the Program Co-ordinator'); or
    ii.    unless that person has also executed a Confidentiality Undertaking in respect of the Program and such disclosure is required for the purposes of the Program;
  • use the Confidential Information solely for the purposes of the Program and for no other purpose;
  • take all necessary precautions to prevent reproduction or copying of the Confidential Information, except to the extent reasonably necessary to carry out the Program;
  • take all necessary precautions to prevent loss, unauthorised access to, unauthorised copying, misuse, modification or disclosure of the Confidential Information;
  • upon request of the Program Co-ordinator, return or promptly destroy any Confidential Information provided or disclosed to the Assessor.

1.3. Authorised disclosure

The Assessor understands that nothing in this undertaking prevents disclosure of Confidential Information if required or authorised to do so for the purposes of the Program or by law. If disclosure is required by law, the Assessor undertakes to immediately (and wherever possible, prior to disclosure) notify the Program Co-ordinator that the disclosure of the information is or may be required unless such notification is prohibited by law.

2. Conflict of Interest

2.1. The Assessor understands that a Conflict of Interest: 

  • means a situation where the exercise of a person’s duty or decision-making is influenced, potentially influenced, or may appear to be influenced, by a secondary interest, including (but not limited to) a private or business interest; 
  • exists whether or not the Assessor is actually influenced by a secondary interest;
  • may include (without limitation) a situation that might influence the Assessor to do favours for family and friends of the Assessor, or avoid personal disadvantage or disadvantage to family and friends of the Assessor;
  • may include (without limitation) non-financial interests including the Assessor’s private interests in social and professional activities and interests with individuals or groups, including family and friends

2.2. The Assessor undertakes to complete a Confidentiality and conflict of interest declaration for each grant application assessed in SmartyGrants; and notify the Program Co-ordinator in writing immediately upon becoming aware of a Conflict of Interest at any time pertaining to the Program, including any change of circumstance which might in the future give rise to an actual, potential or perceived Conflict of Interest.

2.3. The Assessor agrees to implement any action required by the Program Co-ordinator to ensure that no conflict of interest exists, or to remove any existing conflict of interest. 

For any questions related to declaring conflicts of interest, please contact the Program Coordinator.

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