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Co-branded identities

Agencies that have a partial branding exemption can use their own identity as long as they co-brand in project signage and advertising. 

Lock-up size and spacing

For co-branded identities, (that is an agency that has been granted partial branding exemption to keep their own identity as long as they co-brand in project signage and advertising), the NSW Government Waratah logo needs to be the more dominant mark. It should always be slightly larger in size.

Co-branding identity logos should never exceed the hang height which is equal with two ‘N heights’. 

Clear space

Clear space must be maintained around the agency logo lock-up, which is no less than the height of the “N” of NSW that forms part of the logo.

Clear space

Minimum size

The minimum size for reproduction of the logo is:

  • 15mm in height (print)
  • 45px height (digital).

In a co-branding situation, both logos should each be given one logo space.

Minimum size

Co-branding identity overview and signage

Where a project, event or state-owned  corporation logo is required, give priority to the NSW Government logo and move the other logo to a secondary location.

Private sector partners (for example, construction companies, delivery and management partners, architectural and design firms) are not to be acknowledged on signage.

Where signage is required for occupational health and safety reasons, for example, on construction sites, these signs can have the names and details of the contractors and building delivery partners involved but the use of their branding identity is not permitted.

Where there are contractual rights to branding and/or control of sites, these need to be negotiated on a case-by- case basis. Disputes should be referred to the Department of Customer Service, NSW Government Brand Team.

Overview and signage


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