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Who should use the brand guidelines

The brand guidelines apply to agencies, statutory bodies and other government entities using the NSW Government logo for internal or external communication material.

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Following the NSW Government Brand Guidelines will help to ensure:

  • unity and simplicity, combining all the state services under one, clear brand, helps connect the partners and organisations supported by  the NSW Government
  • visibility, a clear identity allows us to increase awareness and recognition of government services for the community
  • clarity, a clear brand helps  NSW Government citizens identify the services they can trust
  • transparency, clearly displaying the brand on NSW Government funded projects, helps citizens identify how taxpayer funds are being spent to provide services  and initiatives.

Agencies, statutory bodies and other government entities

Agencies, statutory bodies and other government entities are required to use the NSW Government logo in accordance with these guidelines unless a branding exemption has been granted.

The guidelines apply to

  • all government agencies under the Government Sector Employment  Act 2013
  • statutory and other government bodies including:
    • cultural institutions
    • parks and venue trusts
    • independent regulatory bodies with judicial or quasi-judicial functions
    • industry boards
    • professional registration organisations or superannuation and insurance entities
    • other independent bodies.

State-owned corporations

State-owned corporations should apply the logo and may co-brand with existing logos, in accordance with these guidelines. 

In instances where co-branding is not appropriate, use an endorsement line instead, such as “A NSW state-owned corporation”. 


Exemptions for any entity can only be granted by the Minister for Customer Service.

An exemption application requires at least the support of the relevant cluster Secretary. The NSW Government Brand Team must be consulted in the early stages on any planned exemption applications. 

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