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About the Brand Framework

The NSW Government brand plays an important role when communicating to our customers.

NSW Government Brand Framework

The NSW Government brand communicates the work we do and creates transparency for how taxpayer funds are being spent. It is important the NSW Government brand is used prominently and consistently across government communications. 

The Brand Framework sets the branding principles and categories for all of NSW Government (agencies, statutory bodies and other government entities). Guidelines within the Brand Framework explain how to correctly apply branding to communications.

Key elements of the Brand Framework include:

  • the NSW Government logo and brand is the only visual identity to be used in most circumstances
  • in most circumstances the NSW Government logo is to be shown prominently on all
    • advertising
    • project signage and
    • external-facing government communications
  • the colour NSW Government logo with red Waratah is to be used.

When the NSW Government brand is used consistently on communication materials, it's easier for customers to identify and navigate government programs and services. 

The Brand Framework follows a customer-centric approach to encourage positive customer experiences when interacting with programs and services delivered by the NSW Government.

The development of new branding, logos or visual treatments is not recommended unless audience needs can be clearly identified and supported with rationale and evidence.

Updates to existing or the creation of new branding, logos or visual devices should not commence without prior consultation with the cluster brand team and NSW Government brand team and a formal brand exemption granted. 

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