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NSW Government logo

How the logo should be used, including formats, colourways, clear space, size for print ads, digital banners and large formats.

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About the NSW Government logo


The NSW Government logo is inspired by the floral emblem of NSW, the Waratah (Telopea speciosissima). The Waratah has significance in Aboriginal history and was adopted as the state flower in 1962.

NSW Government logo

How to use the NSW Government logo

  • the NSW Government logo must be clearly displayed and be given prominence
  • use the colour version of the NSW Government logo unless printing is only limited to monochrome 
  • position the NSW Government logo so that there is sufficient clear space
  • the NSW Government logo must be positioned on a white or full colour background and should not appear on a busy photo or patterned background.

Logo formats

Primary logo

The NSW Government logo must be clearly displayed and be given prominence.

Primary logo

Social media logo

NSW Government social media logo



Horizontal logo

Only in extreme horizontal formats where the primary NSW Government logo will not work, the horizontal lock-up may be used. Usage of this requires approval from the Department of Customer Service NSW Government Brand Team.

Horizontal logo

Logo colourways

Full colour

The full colour logo must be given preference over all other versions for agency communications.

NSW Government full colour logo

Reverse (red waratah)

Use the reverse (red waratah) logo on dark backgrounds, when it is not possible to accommodate the colour logo.

NSW Government reverse red logo

Mono (black)

Use the mono logo (black) only when a design cannot accommodate for the full colour or reverse (red waratah) logos or where colour reproduction is not available or appropriate.

It should be applied to a white or light background.

NSW Government mono logo

Reverse (white)

Use the reverse (white) logo only when a design cannot accommodate for the full colour or reverse (red waratah) logos or where colour reproduction is not available or appropriate.

NSW Government reverse white logo

Logo clear space

To maintain the clarity and integrity of all brand marks, a minimum clear space must be observed in all applications.

Clear space creates an invisible frame that is a minimum area surrounding the brand mark.

It must remain free of any conflicting visual element.

Wherever possible, apply additional clear space beyond the minimum requirement.

We use a clear space that is 100% of the height of the ‘N’ in print and 50% of the height in screen (except when used on apps, or social media profiles. 


Incorrect use

To ensure the logo is accurately reproduced, always use the original master artwork files and never alter, redraw, recolour or distort the logo in any way.

Legibility is the primary consideration when using the logo. There must always be good contrast, visibility and legibility between the logo and its background.

A white background is preferred.

Logo size – A-series and print ads

Recommended size

The guide size of our logo in A-series paper formats is 10% of the height (x) of the document.

For other small size formats, please use the closest A size as a guide.

Logo size – large format

Recommended size

Minimum size in larger print applications is 20% of the height (x) of landscape formats and 10% of the height (x) in portrait formats.

Large print signage or advertising includes banners, superlites, landmarks and metrolites.

Logo size – digital banners

The recommended minimum size of the NSW Government logo is 45px high on all digital applications.


If the banner is wide and thin like the leaderboard example you can centre the logo in the height of the banner, this will make the logo look more balanced within the shape.


The NSW Government’s Digital Design System contains a digital design style guide that includes advice on colours, layout, typography and the Waratah logo placement.


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