NSW Government Visual identity system

Guidance on how to apply branding. Our approach uses best practice customer-centric design and communication principles.

Version 1 (beta) is available, updates coming soon

Additional guidance and resources are being developed and will be released soon. Check this page regularly to access the most up-to-date version.

Using the visual identity system

Once you have reviewed the NSW Government Brand Framework to determine which brand category to use, select one of the four options below for guidance on how to apply branding.

Brand categories

You must follow the requirements of the masterbrand category unless a formal brand exemption has been granted in either the co-brand, endorsed, independent or stand-alone categories. 


The NSW Government brand. Masterbrand is the default category for all NSW Government communications.

Download guidelines (PDF, 36MB)

The NSW Government logo.


NSW Government brand (primary) and co-brand logo (secondary).

Download guidelines (PDF, 28MB)

The NSW Government logo sits to the left of a rectangular box enclosing the word 'Co-brand'.


Endorsed brand (primary) and NSW Government logo (secondary).

Download guidelines (PDF, 1.5 MB) 

A rectangular box on the left encloses the word 'Endorsed' while the NSW Government logo sits to its right.


Independent brand uses a typographic treatment.

Download guidelines (PDF, 26MB)

The word 'Independent'.


Not required to use the NSW Government visual identity system

A rectangular box encloses the word 'Standalone'.


Resources are now available. Templates include PowerPoint, booklet/reporting (Word and InDesign) and stationery. Contact your cluster brand team.

Other brand guidance

  • Download Public Sans font
  • Hoarding
    The NSW Government logo is the only branding to be used on hoarding for NSW Government projects. Follow this guidance when producing hoarding.
  • Advertising
    When developing NSW Government Advertising there is guidance you must follow for branding.
  • Registered trademark
    The NSW Government logo is a registered trade mark and used for a number of services. Read more to understand trademark requirements.
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