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Fonts to be used for NSW Government communications. 

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Public Sans

The NSW Government visual identity is currently in development. From 1 December 2021, the Public Sans font will be used. Gotham will no longer be in use. 

To assist in an efficient transition from Gotham to Public Sans, it is recommended that new and ongoing communications implement Public Sans wherever possible. It is recommended that agencies speak with their cluster brand team and/or the NSW Government brand team to discuss transition. 

Download Public Sans for use on NSW Government communications.


Until December 2021, the Gotham font may continue to be used by agencies. Agencies should use Public Sans for any new and ongoing communications.

Major headings through to body copy must also use Gotham. These fonts should be used for copy such as print and advertising headlines, and brochure titles.

The preferred option is to use sentence case for all headings, however if the application requires you can use all uppercase.

Headlines, Gotham Bold

Typography Headlines, Gotham Bold

Subheadings, Gotham Medium

Typography Subheadings, Gotham Medium

Body Copy, Gotham Book

Typography Body Copy, Gotham Book

Captions, Gotham Light

Typography Captions, Gotham Light

Typography – alternative

Arial is the alternative font to be used in circumstances where Public Sans or Gotham is unavailable.

Headlines, Arial Bold


Brand guidelines headlines Arial bold

Body copy, Arial Book


Brand guidelines typography body copy arial book


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