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Your brand: your greatest asset

From 1 September 2020, new laws together with a multi-party risk rating tool will target risky developers, builders and certifiers delivering class 2 buildings in NSW.

From the informal inspections we have done over the past few months, we have found that established developers – those who have been in business around 10 years – take great pride in the quality of their buildings and are invariably rewarded with repeat business and glowing referrals.

Their brand is authentic. They do the same thing well, over and over again.

These developers look forward to the pending construction industry reforms, confident that they’ll level the playing field and rid the industry of risky players.

Our focus during inspections is on structure, waterproofing, fire rating systems, building services and external enclosures.

Quite often, we have found, the DNA of good and bad buildings begins in the basement. When it’s bad in the basement, it invariably doesn’t get any better on the way up.

The new laws will allow audits of construction work before buildings get an occupation certificate and buyers are to settle.

Over the next few months we’ll also be visiting key suppliers, manufacturers and installers to make sure they’re abreast of the new reforms and understand the consequences of using non-compliant, poorly labelled materials and performing installations other than to Australian Standards.

We remind owners that faulty construction work should be reported to NSW Fair Trading.

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