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Project Remediate is a 3-year program to support owners corporations through the process of replacing combustible cladding on high risk residential buildings. 

The program will use panels of qualified and experienced contractors and consultants who can provide professional services including undertaking building investigation and design work. 

Our managing contractor, Hansen Yuncken, will oversee many elements of the quality assurance services provided under the program, including establishing these panels of qualified suppliers.

Organisations can now register interest in these opportunities using this form. Registration information will be provided to the managing contractor. 

The managing contractor will be responsible for assessing and appointing suppliers to each panel.

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Building investigation consultant

Building investigation consultants are required to inspect, investigate, assess and report on the cladding, façade and external wall systems on affected buildings and provide detailed reports to inform scoping of remediation works.

This may involve both destructive and non- destructive testing of cladding panels or other building elements. It will require detailed documentation of the façade systems, wall build-ups  and any identified defects.

Design team (including a designer, engineer and estimator)

Design teams will include a designer, engineer and estimator.

These teams will create the remediation designs for each of the approximately 225 buildings that may participate in the program. 

Design teams will receive information from the building investigation contractor and will prepare remediation designs drawing upon the advice of the Cladding Product Safety Panel and program design guidelines provided by a global façade consultant. 

In addition to providing guidelines on various aspects of façade system design, this consultant will also maintain a ‘pattern book’ of suitable cladding remediation designs over the life of the program. 

Design teams will initially prepare indicative designs for consideration by the building’s owners corporation. 

They will then prepare full documentation for the selected design, ensuring it meets any requirements set by the local council or consent authority under the terms of any fire safety order or development consent. 

The fully detailed design must be suitable for remediation contractors to tender for, and complete, a lump-sum, construct-only remediation contract.

Design teams (or the nominated designer) must be registered under the Design and Building Practitioners Act, lodge the completed designs on the NSW Planning Portal, and declare the designs are compliant. 

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