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What would Reg say?

Meet Reg. He’s our mascot, our oracle.

Reg will pop up here and there as we implement our new building reforms.

Let’s hear what Reg has to say to those involved in building or buying residential apartments in NSW.

caricature of man with hard hat

Good developers

  • Keep doing what you’re doing. Put your customers first. Continuous improvement.
  • Raise your awareness of safety and compliance standards.
  • Don't let risky players damage your brand.

Risky developers

  • Rethink your business model. Your conflicts of interest will attract attention. If you’re a director for many companies, expect more attention.
  • Design and Construct contracts aren’t a tool to justify chasing the lowest quality outcomes.
  • Our multi-party ratings tools will target you.


  • Get hold of the new NSW Certifiers Practice Guide (CPG). It’ll be published on this website soon.
  • Good certifiers will soon be in demand.
  • Don’t associate with risky players. Consider the company you keep. We’ll be using powerful matching technologies.


  • You have the skills and qualifications to perform your trade competently, compliantly and safely. You can make good or bad choices. You know what to do.
  • Make sure you what’s required for the projects you’re working on and the standards that must be achieved. Make sure prior work has been done properly. Work closely with product suppliers, pay attention to their technical support.
  • Keep your licences up to date.

Don't associate with risky players.

Material suppliers and off-site manufacturers

  • Products that don’t comply with Australian Standards will have consequences for suppliers, installers and head contractors.
  • Manufacturers of non-compliant, incorrectly labeled products will be called out.
  • Developers should pay more attention to claims by contractors that work meets Australian Standards. Contractors will be held responsible for fixing all non-compliant work.

Project financiers

  • You now have access to the same risk rating tools as us. You should focus on predicting who are the most trustworthy project team combinations.
  • Don’t demand Design and Construct contracts from risky players. Build-only contracts are better.
  • Pay attention to a developer’s progress claims - some shoddy work is often said to be compliant.

Purchasers planning to buy off-the-plan

  • It’s a great time to get into the market. We’re on your side.
  • Do the basics: check projects completed by developers over the last six years. Ask the residents of these properties about their experiences.
  • Do a pre-settlement inspection. If you’re not happy, contact NSW Fair Trading. We’ll be working closely with them.

This is an exciting time in the construction industry.

Educators of today's construction practitioners

  • Teach the practical realities of the industry, not just the theory.
  • Make sure you and your students understand the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards.
  • Make sure your students know what a digital twin is and how to make good decisions.

Construction practitioners

  • The construction industry is entering the most exciting phase of its history - new technologies, new opportunities and new career pathways.
  • Rewarding careers await those who are ready to commit to this transformation.
  • Don’t waste time with employers who could tarnish your career.

Industry associations and professional bodies

  • Raise your entry standards.
  • Take responsibility for members who are letting the industry down
  • Become customer facing. Put the industry's interests first.

Design professionals

  • The new laws have reset the compass for designers.
  • Regulated designs are now required.
  • Evaluate where designer skill gaps exist - and fill them.


  • We now have the laws, digital capabilities and leadership.
  • We won’t compromise.
  • We’re regulating to minimise harm to customers.
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