Video transcript: Making Business Easier for Bar Centrale on Queen

Find out how Service NSW made it easier for businesses, such as Bar Centrale on Queen in Campbelltown, to obtain the licences and permits needed to start and grow their small business.

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Hi. My name is Sonya.

I run Bar Centrale. a cafe in Campbelltown. 

The opportunity came up to buy this place and I had to jump on it straight away. 

The previous owner wanted to have the liquor licence and things as well but there was a lot of red tape and things you had to go through. 

When Campbelltown Council actually announced the partnership with Service NS, the very next day I rang to see what I could do.. 

They can help businesses get their liquor licence or start new cafes or restaurants, along with other services as well. 

We had a chat, the concierge and myself about what I wanted to do, where I was already at. 

Once they understood how I wanted to grow the business, they sent me an email with dot points of all the different things, step by step what i needed to do to get the licence to extend the trading hours.

It's for free! I didn't have to pay anything to have this extra support and encouragement.. Just the one person looking out for me from start to finish. 

He checked over the DA before I submitted it to council, as well, he looked at the liquor licence, actual paperwork. Encouraging me the whole way through. 

I cried, when I was able to tell him that yes, it had been approved. 

Now I got the extended trading hours, along with the licence that gives me so many more things that we can offer the community. 

Definitely call Service NSW. Get in touch with a Business Concierge. They will make it so much easier for you. 

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