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Empathy lab: An experience that enhances accessibility and inclusive design

Ways of working

Charissa Ramirez is a user-experience coordinator at the NSW Department of Customer Service. She is part of a small group that runs empathy labs across government to help raise awareness around online accessibility and ensure this awareness is built into Learn how the empathy lab came about, how it is used and what lies ahead.
NSW Government staff test sight impairment simulator glasses

Designing content for customer mindsets

Ways of working

Working with customer mindsets is an alternative to persona-based content design. A customer mindset approach focuses on the user’s frame of mind and the task that has brought them to our website.
Woman typing on laptop

Lessons learnt from user testing our beta product

Ways of working

Usability testing is a way to evaluate a product or product feature by testing it on users. We do this by getting a group of users to complete specific tasks identifying opportunities to improve. If several users have similar difficulties during the test, that tells us that changes should be made to improve user experience.
Group of people working at office desk
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