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Strengthening contracts and standards

Better procurement methods and improved building construction contracts will help drive reform in the sector.

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Construct NSW will deliver better procurement methods for clear and consistent standards across residential building construction.

Building construction contracts

Building construction contracts will outline the various roles and responsibilities that apply to developers, designers, suppliers and certifiers. Contracts will be modernised to reflect changes made through Construct NSW. 

  • NSW Government is working with industry to update ‘Design and Construct’ and ‘Build Only’ contracts so that they align with legislative reforms.
  • We are ensuring that contracting parties understand their specific roles and responsibilities in producing compliant building work.
  • We are promoting the use of relevant and appropriate standards across the construction industry.

Building standards

A model term sheet has been created, based on the Build-Only and Consultant Agreements in the AS 4000 suite of contracts, to support the industry in the implementation of the new Acts. The model term sheet is a document that includes provisions that make the AS 4000 contracts compliant to the new legislation. The AS 4000 contract suite is commonly used in industry and was selected for these model clauses. They include the key terms required to implement the new legislative requirements. 

The NSW Building Commissioner will work with Standards Australia and industry bodies to improve the application of standards in construction work, particularly in relation to key building elements. 


Use our online form to contact the Office of the Building Commissioner.

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