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Support and guidance for businesses and workplaces becoming COVID Safe.

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Keep your business COVID-19 Safe

COVID-19 restrictions have been eased for many businesses in NSW from 15 December 2021.
Optional COVID-19 Safety Plans are available to help businesses keep a safe environment for staff and customers.
Find out if you need to set up COVID-19 Safe Check-in at your business.
COVID-19 health and safety guidelines will help your workplace clean and hygienic and minimise the risk of infection.
Some workers are required to have a COVID-19 vaccination to go to work.
Employers should continually assess the health and safety risks to their employees and customers.

Become a COVID Safe business

1 covid safety plan

Complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan

Keep your business and community safe by completing a COVID-19 Safety plan.

2 register covid safe

Register your business as COVID Safe

Register your business as COVID Safe to receive your QR code and COVID Safe resources.

3 display covid safe

Access your QR code and business resources

Once you have registered as a COVID Safe business you will be emailed a link to access your QR code and business resources.

Business support and resources

Check if you are already registered as a COVID Safe business to access your COVID Safe business resources,
Collecting and keeping accurate details of your customers, patrons and visitors can make it easier for contact tracers and help to stop the spread of COVID-19.
Download information, signage and posters for keeping your workplace COVID-19 Safe.

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