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About the program

The NSW Government has launched a tourism support program designed to encourage people back into the Sydney CBD, re-ignite live music across the state, and support jobs in the accommodation, entertainment, business events and tourism sectors throughout NSW. 

Key components of the program include the following packages.

Stay & Rediscover

The NSW Government has launched the Stay & Rediscover voucher scheme to support accommodation providers in NSW. 

NSW residents aged 18 and over will be able to apply for a $50 voucher to use towards the cost of accommodation bookings.  

Accommodation providers will need to register for the program, and must operate within the Sydney CBD to participate.  

Businesses in the City of Sydney local government area are able to check eligibility now and get ready to accept vouchers. 

Registrations for all accommodation providers in NSW will open in January 2022.

For more information about the scheme, visit Stay & Rediscover.


Check your eligibility, register your business and get ready to accept vouchers.

Live Music Support package

$24 million was pledged to Destination NSW for a Live Music Support package to be administered in partnership with Create NSW and the Office of the 24-Hour Economy Commissioner.


Applications have now closed for the Live Music Support package. Funding will be announced early May 2021.

If you have questions, please contact a Business Concierge.

Business Events Industry Support package

A $5.5 million budget was allocated for a Business Events Industry Support package to assist business events in Greater Sydney and across NSW. Administered by Destination NSW in partnership with BESydney, the support investment included:

  • $4 million for a Kickstart 2021 Sydney Business Events Fund: Up to $45,000 for one-day events and up to $90,000 for two-day events in Greater Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong, matched dollar-for-dollar by event organisers.
  • $1.5 million for Regional Conferencing to include an additional round of the Regional Business Event Development Fund: Up to $15,000 for events with up to 150 delegates, and up to $30,000 for events with more than 150 delegates.


Applications have closed for both the the Kickstart 2021 Sydney Business Events Fund and Regional Conferencing, and the NSW Regional Business Event Development Fund.

If you have questions about either, please contact a Business Concierge.

Tourism Industry Marketing Support package

$2 million was allocated for a Tourism Industry Marketing Support package through Destination NSW's Love NSW campaign platform.

Under the Grants Program, Destination NSW will match successful funding applications for amounts dollar for dollar between $10,000 and $50,000 ex GST for operators to undertake a variety of different marketing activities to promote visitor experiences, attractions, tours and accommodation.


Applications have closed for the Tourism Industry Marketing Support package - Grants Program.

If you have questions, please contact a Business Concierge.


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