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COVID-19 restrictions have been eased across the State for the fully vaccinated

To read the new rules go to:

COVID-19 Safety Plans are mandatory

Under Public Health Orders, all places of worship in NSW must complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Places of worship should also consider the benefits of registering as COVID Safe.

Complete the plan in consultation with your staff and volunteers, then share it with them.

Putting your plan into action will help make your visitors feel safe.

Keep your plan up to date

You may need to update the plan in the future, as restrictions and advice changes.

You will need to have an up to date plan at your premises at all times and be able to show it to an authorised officer if requested.

Your COVID-19 Safety Plan

Use the provided COVID-19 Safety Plan to address the checklist of matters.

Complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan


Things to note:

Register as COVID Safe 

If you've completed your COVID-19 Safety Plan, you can register as COVID Safe.

Register as COVID Safe


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