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Fee and licence relief

The NSW Government is waiving a range of licence and permit fees for businesses for 12 months.

Fees will be waived during the 12 month relief period.

For most licences, when you make a new application or need to renew you will not be charged.

Relief period

The relief period is 12 months from

  • 1 April 2020, or
  • 15 April 2020, or
  • 20 April 2020

Eligible fees and licences

Liquor and Gaming NSW

Businesses like restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, hotels, bottle shops (with three or less outlets) and most other licensed venues will benefit from the following being waived:

  • New liquor licence application fees and pro-rata liquor licence fees 
  • Annual liquor licence base fees and trading hours risk loading fees.

Compliance risk loadings will not be waived, but deferred and included as part of 2021-2022 annual liquor licence fees.

Fee waivers for these licences start from 1 April.

SafeWork NSW

From 1 April:

  • Pyrotechnician licence
  • Registration permit of amusement device

From 15 April:

  • Asbestos removal licences and asbestos assessor licence
  • Demolition licence
  • High risk work licence

From 20 April:

  • High Risk Work Assessor Accreditation
  • SafeWork Registered Training Organisations (for asbestos, construction and high risk work training) – new applications only

If your licence is eligible for a fee waiver, you don’t have to pay.

If you pay a fee on an eligible licence, the fee will be refunded provided your application is lodged during the fee waiver period.

Current licensing processes still apply for licences not due for 2, 3 or more years.

You’ll receive a licence renewal reminder close to your expiry date.

You’ll be eligible for fee waivers if your renewal reminder falls within the 12-month fee waiver period and you decide to renew to take advantage of the fee waiver period.

If you received a licence renewal for $0, you still need to renew. Although there may be nothing payable, you’re still required to lodge your licence renewal before the due date to maintain a current licence.

Businesses that have closed due to COVID-19 government restrictions are not able to apply for a refund on their licence. 

Fee waivers only apply to new and renewal eligible licence applications lodged during the 12 month fee waiver period.

If you applied for, or renewed, a 12 month licence before the starting date for fee waivers, you can renew again closer to your expiry date and receive a waiver.

However, you need to renew before the expiration of the fee waiver period.

If this doesn’t apply to you, you won’t be eligible for a waiver.

Licence and permit holders identified in the fee waiver stimulus package to date are those in the entertainment and hospitality industries, and trades most directly impacted by COVID-19 and government restrictions.

This approach has led to the exclusion of some licence holders, even where other licence categories within the same industry have been included.

The NSW Government acknowledges the economic impact affecting other licence categories and will continue to monitor the situation.

Future expansion of the package may be considered as we continue to explore ways to provide support.

Fee waivers currently only apply for eligible licences lodged during the 12 month waiver period.

If you applied for or renewed a 12 month eligible licence, you can receive a waiver provided you renew closer to your expiry date and before the expiration of the fee waiver period.

Future expansion of the package may be considered as we continue to explore ways to provide support during this challenging period.

Last updated: 22 May 2020

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