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COVID Safe businesses

Show your commitment to COVID Safety and keeping our community safe. Complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan and register as a COVID Safe business.

Helping business get back to work

Steps to become a COVID Safe business 

Step 1

Complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan

COVID-19 Safety Plans help to protect your staff, customers and visitors as you get back to business.

Some businesses will need to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan under the public health orders, but you can also voluntarily complete one. To find out if you need to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan, select your industry below.

There are different plans for different industries, and they all provide advice on:

  • hygiene and safety
  • physical distancing
  • recording contact details of staff and customers 
  • staff wellbeing. 

When you’re completing your plan, consult with your staff, and share it with them when it’s done. Find a COVID-19 Safety Plan for your industry below


Step 2

Register as a COVID Safe business 

As a COVID Safe business, you’ll be able to show customers that you’re committed to keeping them safe. Customers will also be able to provide feedback in real-time.

You can register online after you have completed your COVID-19 Safety Plan.

When you’ve registered, you’ll get: 

  • digital COVID Safe badge for use on Google and social channels
  • posters on safety and hygiene 
  • reports on how your customers rate your business safety

Registering your premises is optional and comes with some obligations. You’ll need a COVID-19 Safety Plan to register. 

If you have completed your COVID-19 Safety Plan, you can now register as a COVID Safe business

Step 3

Show that you’re COVID Safe

The final step is showing that you’re doing your part to keep our community COVID Safe: 

  • download and display your COVID Safe posters and make your customers feel confident
  • consider using a contactless method such as a QR code to collect customer details for contact tracing
  • share your completed COVID-19 Safety Plan with your staff to ensure their wellbeing
  • display your COVID Safe badge on your digital and social channels such as Facebook and Google Maps
  • train new workers to act in a COVID Safe way
  • keep your plan up-to-date when there are changes to the rules.

Customers can visit the URL in the posters to provide feedback on how your business is providing a COVID Safe environment.


Advice and rules that continue to apply

Advice and rules from NSW Health that continue to apply include:

About COVID Safe

COVID Safe is a NSW-wide program that supports your business to keep our community safe from COVID-19.

The program provides ways to help meet your obligations under the rules:

  • industry-specific advice on COVID-19 health and safety measures
  • signs to show that you are committed to protecting your staff, your customers and visitors
  • feedback on how your customers rate their level of COVID Safety 
  • updates to information about changes to health and safety rules. 

Obligations for your business

There are some obligations for businesses participating in COVID Safe: 

  • keep a copy of a COVID-19 Safety Plan at your place of business
  • ensure workers understand their responsibilities
  • train new workers to act in a socially responsible way.

Collecting customer details

If collecting customer details, keep them secure and only use them for contact tracing. Ensure records are stored confidentially and securely

When you collect records:

  • keep the name and mobile number or email address for a period of at least 28 days
  • make staff aware of the COVIDSafe app and the benefits of the app to support contact tracing if required
  • cooperate with NSW Health if contacted in relation to a positive case of COVID-19 at your workplace, and notify SafeWork NSW on 13 10 50.

You may want to consider a contactless method for collecting customer information.

For example, some businesses are using QR codes to collect and manage customer details. With QR codes, most smartphone users with newer phones will not need to download an app and they can register their details online.

Businesses with multiple premises 

COVID-19 Safety Plans and COVID Safe registration are based on a place of business. If your business has multiple premises, you will need to register each premises separately. 

Premises operating multiple services

If your premises operates multiple services, you must address the COVID-19 Safety Plan for each industry.

For example, if your pub also operates as a function centre, you must address requirements in the 'Pubs, clubs, small bars, breweries, casinos', and the 'Conference and function venues' COVID-19 Safety Plans.

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