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Construction sites in Greater Sydney | COVID-19 Safety Plan

Safety Plan for construction on any site that is not an occupied residence in Greater Sydney. A small construction site means a construction site where 10 people or less attend the site over any 24 hour period.

Effective 27 August 2021

COVID-19 additional restrictions

Additional restrictions are in place in areas where stay at home rules apply. You must ensure you comply with the rules that apply to your business or organisation. 

Visit COVID-19 rules for more information.

How to complete the COVID-19 Safety Plan

Fill in your business details and select your business type.

Review each of the actions in the checklist under each section:

  • wellbeing of staff and customers
  • physical distancing
  • hygiene and cleaning
  • record keeping.

Each requirement must be addressed in each section by briefly telling us how you will put these practices into place.

Once you complete the COVID-19 Safety Plan, a confirmation email will be sent to you with a copy of your plan attached as a PDF. 

To complete the COVID-19 Safety Plan offline, print a blank copy of the form using the print button.

Remember to keep a copy of your COVID-19 Safety Plan on your premises at all times.

Business details

If your business has multiple premises, complete a Safety Plan for each location. Provide contact details for the person responsible for the COVID-19 Safety Plan at each location.
Full name

Requirements for business

Now that you have finished, send the plan as a PDF to the email address you provided.


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