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COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshal

Gyms and hospitality venues such as pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes need a COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshal as part of their safety plan.

Be COVID Safe. Stay in business.

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Does your business need a COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshal?

Under the Public Health Orders, certain types of businesses are required to have a member of staff act as a COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshal.

These businesses are:

  • indoor gyms
  • casinos
  • food and drink premises
  • micro-breweries, small distilleries holding a drink on-premises authorisation under the Liquor Act 2007 and cellar door premises
  • pubs
  • registered clubs
  • small bars.

COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshal duties

The marshal is responsible for ensuring all aspects of the COVID-19 Safety Plan are being maintained.

The marshal can be an existing member of staff but they must have a thorough knowledge of the COVID-19 Safety Plan for your business and all of its requirements regarding:

  • wellbeing of staff and customers
  • physical distancing
  • hygiene and cleaning
  • record keeping.

While it is not necessary for the Safe Hygiene Marshal to personally collect customer or visitor details at check in, the marshal is responsible for the accuracy of record keeping.

The marshal should be able to move easily and frequently around the premises to wherever customers are present to monitor safety plan actions.

Hours of duty


Gyms must have a COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshal present when there are more than 25 patrons in attendance. This applies to gyms that are indoors and open to members of the public.

Other venues

If your venue has a capacity of 250 patrons or more, the identified Safe Hygiene Marshal/s must always be present while the venue is operational.

For venues with a capacity of less than 250 patrons, the identified Safety Marshal/s must be present during peak operational hours:

  • lunch 12pm to 3pm
  • dinner 5pm to 9pm
  • other peak periods.


There is no set uniform for the Safe Hygiene Marshal however they must wear something distinctive that allows them to be easily identified. 

This could be a high-visibility shirt with wording on it that identifies the wearer as a marshal, or an easily visible badge or lanyard.

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Last updated: 1 December 2020

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