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Hotels and accommodation

Resources and guidance on how to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan for your hotel or accommodation facility including backpackers, hostels and dormitory style accommodation.

How many people are allowed

Full details are provided in the physical distancing section of the COVID-19 Safety Plan.


Common areas Maximum capacity summary
Open plan communal areas, such as kitchens and BBQ areas, shared dining areas or showers.

Calculate the floor area in open plan communal areas, such as kitchens/ BBQ areas, shared dining areas or showers, to determine the maximum number of people who can safely occupy the space (one person per 4 square metres in indoor areas in Greater Sydney or one person per 2 square metres in other regions).

Note: ‘Greater Sydney’ means Greater Sydney as defined by the Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order (No 7) 2020.

COVID-19 Safety Plans and COVID Safe registration

Having a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place will help minimise risk of transmission of COVID-19 on your premises.

Complete the plan in consultation with your workers, then share it with them.

Hotels and accommodation businesses should also consider the benefits of registering as COVID Safe.

Keep your plan up to date

You may need to update the plan in the future, as restrictions and advice changes.

Your COVID-19 Safety Plan

You can either:

  • use the provided COVID-19 Safety Plan to address the checklist of matters
  • keep using your existing plan, if you have one, after making sure it includes all the items in the provided COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan


Things to note:

Lord Howe Island hotels and accommodation

There is a COVID-19 Safety Plan specifically for hotels and accommodation facilities on Lord Howe Island.

To help develop their safety plan, hotels and accommodation facilities on Lord Howe Island may need to refer to COVID-19 self-isolation and testing location alerts issued by:

COVID-19 Safety Plan - Lord Howe Island

Register as a COVID Safe business 

If you've completed your COVID-19 Safety Plan, you can register your business as COVID Safe.

Register as a COVID Safe business


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