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Outdoor music rehearsal and performance

Resources and guidance on how to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan for an outdoor music gathering.

NSW Health advice regarding singing and chanting

Group singing and chanting remains a high-risk activity for transmission of COVID-19 should someone involved be infected. To help mitigate this risk, NSW Health has provided advice regarding singing and chanting in indoor and outdoor settings.

See NSW Health advice regarding singing and chanting.

How many people are allowed

Full details are provided in the physical distancing section of the COVID-19 Safety Plan.


Outdoor music performance or rehearsal Maximum capacity summary

Ensure the number of people does not exceed one person per 2 square metres of publicly accessible space (excluding staff) to a maximum of 500 people. Attendees must be assigned to a specific seat or to a designated seating area. Children count towards the capacity limit. Outside of Greater Sydney, there is a maximum of 3,000 people.

In Greater Sydney, indoor areas must not exceed one person per 4 square metres of publicly accessible space.

Note: ‘Greater Sydney’ means Greater Sydney as defined by the Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order (No 7) 2020..


There should be no dancefloors, except for weddings. Only the wedding party to a maximum of 20 are permitted.


No more than 5 performers should sing indoors. There is no recommended cap on performers singing outdoors. All performing singers should face forwards and not towards each other, have physical distancing of 1.5m between each other and any other performers, and be 5m from all other people including the audience and conductor, where practical. In indoor areas, audience members should not participate in singing or chanting. In outdoor areas, audience members older than 12 years should wear masks if singing or chanting.

COVID-19 Safety Plans are mandatory

Under Public Health Orders all gatherings for outdoor music rehearsals and performances must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Complete the plan in consultation with your workers and volunteers, then share it with them.

You should also consider the benefits of registering as COVID Safe.

Keep your plan up to date

You may need to update the plan in the future, as restrictions and advice changes.

You will need to have an up to date plan at all times and be able to show it to an authorised officer if requested.

Your COVID-19 Safety Plan

You can either:

  • use the provided COVID-19 Safety Plan to address the checklist of matters for outdoor music rehearsals and performances
  • keep using your existing plan, if you have one, after making sure it includes all the items in the provided COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan

Things to note:

Register as COVID Safe 

If you've completed your COVID-19 Safety Plan, you can register as COVID Safe.

Register as COVID Safe


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