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Renters financially affected by coronavirus

This is a guide for people renting in NSW who have been financially affected by coronavirus (COVID-19).

Find out more about emergency accommodation options if you’re experiencing family or domestic violence, are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

If you cannot pay your rent

Information about requesting a rent reduction, deferral or waiver.

Ending a lease and notice periods

If you or the landlord want to end a lease, the amount of notice required will depend on the type of lease and the reason for ending it.

If you're evicted from your home

You cannot be evicted without a 'termination order' from the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT), and only the Sheriff can physically remove you.

If you're listed on a tenancy database

Find out what you can do if you've been listed on a tenancy database.

Get financial help

Information about rent assistance, help with the cost of a bond, rebates on your utility bills and other temporary financial support.

Get support and advice

Information about financial counselling, legal and tenancy services and mental health support.
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