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Things you can do

An Easy Read guide to the things you can do under public health directions.

You can:

Group of people inside a home
  • have visitors in your home
  • visit someone else at home.
Group of 5 people including adults and children

If more than 100 people visit a home, the person organising the event has to make a plan.

Everyone at the event has to follow the rules in the plan.

Carer and person outdoors

A person who is working or providing care to someone else is not counted in the number of people allowed to visit a home.  

You can do things such as:

Man at work in a warehouse
  • go to work
Two students at school
  • go to school
Person holding bag of shopping
  • go to the shops
Person visiting a doctor
  • go to the doctor and regular appointments you have
Shelves holding medicines
  • get medical supplies
Carer feeding a person
  • get the care you need
Person helping someone with an illness
  • care for other people
Group of people exercising outdoors
  • exercise and play sport
Person at prayer
  • attend religious services. 

Group of people together outdoors

You can meet other people outside in groups.

People at the beach

This includes when you go to the:

  • beach
People at a park
  • park.
People at an outdoor show sitting on the ground

There are rules for the number of people allowed at an outdoor event.

If more than 200 people meet up in a group outdoors, the people who organise the event have to follow the rules and make a plan to keep everyone safe.

You can use the services you need such as:

Carer providing social service
  • social or community services
Icon showing wheelchair and assistance
  • disability services
Person with clipboard
  • employment services
Two people standing together
  • services for victims, including victims of crime
Person with clipboard
  • domestic violence services
Icon of person with clipboard
  • mental health services.

You can go to:

People exercising in a pool
  • pools
Gym equipment
  • gyms and fitness studios
People enjoying a dance class
  • dance studios
Group of people feeding chickens
  • community centres
Beauty salon staff
  • nail and beauty salons
Close up of someone getting a tattoo
  • tattoo parlours
Person receiving a massage
  • massage parlours.
Group of people enjoying a gym class

If you go to the gym, there is a limit on the number of people in a class.

You might have to book to go to a class.

You can visit:

People enjoying a film at a cinema
  • cinemas
People enjoying a theatre show
  • theatres and concert halls
Giraffes at the zoo
  • zoos and reptile parks
Fish in aquarium
  • aquariums
Mountain ranges in national park
  • national parks
Exterior of Maritime Museum
  • museums
exterior of library
  • libraries
Exterior of art gallery
  • art galleries.

You can visit places that serve food such as:

People meeting at a cafe
  • cafes
  • restaurants
  • pubs
  • clubs
People sitting in a food court
  • food courts.
Couple getting married

The people who organise a wedding need to know the rules and make a plan to keep everyone safe. 

Coffin with flowers on it

The people who organise a funeral or memorial service need to know the rules and make a plan to keep everyone safe.


Map of Australia highlighting NSW and showing transport options

You can travel or go on a holiday in NSW.

If you leave NSW to visit another state or territory, you have to check their rules before you go.


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