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Industry guidelines for COVID Safe workplaces

Create and follow a COVID-19 Safety Plan for your workplace or premises.


To keep workers, visitors and customers safe, and to give them the confidence to keep coming back, businesses and organisations will need to follow health and hygiene requirements designed to keep COVID-19 out of workplaces.

If you are eligible to reopen or increase your operations from 1 June, take a look at the advice for your industry.

Advice and rules that continue to apply

Advice and rules from NSW Health that continue to apply include:

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Speak Up Save Lives app logo

Speak Up Save Lives

Workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility. 

If you see something unsafe in your workplace, SafeWork NSW wants you to speak up and tell your boss. This app lets you report an unsafe work situation and it gives you the choice to remain anonymous. You can tag your location, include photos, and choose to be kept updated on the issue you’ve reported.

Service NSW App

Service NSW

Stay up-to-date with the latest NSW Government COVID-19 information. Access digital licences, renew your rego and check fines and demerits.

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