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NSW Health is advising people in NSW against non-essential travel to the Greater Brisbane area at this time. Check Queensland's COVID-19 alerts before you travel.

NSW COVID-19 case locations

To keep our community safe, follow NSW Health advice. If you are directed to get tested for COVID-19 or self-isolate at any time, you must follow the rules whether or not the venue or exposure setting is listed on this website.

There are currently no locations associated with a confirmed COVID-19 case.

If there are places associated with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the past 14 days, they will be listed on this page.

Locations are generally removed 14 days after the last known date that a confirmed case was associated with the location.

Cases on public transport routes

Monitor for symptoms and if symptoms occur, immediately get tested and self-isolate until you receive a negative result.

There are currently no public transport routes in NSW associated with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the past 14 days.

Buses | Ferries | Trains

Route Dates, times and advice

No bus journeys currently reported

Ferry No ferry journeys currently reported

No train journeys currently reported

Travellers from Queensland

Under the public health order, if a concerns notice is issued identifying an affected area or place of high concern, certain rules and restrictions interstate travellers guidelines will apply if you are entering or have entered NSW.

For information visit

Travellers from New Zealand 

When you arrive in NSW from New Zealand you must provide your contact details and place of accommodation in NSW by completing a New Zealand arrival declaration form.

Learn more about entering NSW from New Zealand.

New Zealand safe travel zone

From Monday 19 April 2021, a quarantine-free arrangement will be in place for travel between Australia and New Zealand.

For more about the requirements, visit

COVID-19 virus fragments detected in NSW sewage

There are currently no areas with COVID-19 fragments detected in sewage.

Daily statistics on cases and tests

The latest update on active cases, new cases and testing numbers.

View daily COVID-19 statistics in NSW.

Map of NSW COVID-19 positive cases 

Use the map search function to explore the recent or total number of confirmed cases, and the recent or total number of tests, by postcode or suburb, for the last 14 days.

View a map of NSW COVID-19 cases and testing.


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