What is coronavirus (COVID-19)?

An Easy Read guide about vaccination and COVID-19.

A world globe with an arrow going around it. There is a coronavirus icon next to it.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a virus that has affected many people around the world.

A virus icon with arrow pointing away from it in all directions.

COVID-19 can spread:

  • easily
  • quickly.
A smiling woman is pointing at herself with the other hand raised. To her right is a safety icon.

When you have a COVID-19 vaccine, it will help us:

  • stay safe
  • live freely.
Vaccine Easy Read word.

A vaccine is medicine that:


  • helps you fight a virus if you come in contact with it
  • can stop you getting very sick from the virus
  • can stop you from passing the virus to someone else.
Vaccination Easy Read word.


A vaccination is when you have an injection of the vaccine. This is done with a needle.

COVID-19 vaccine for 5 years old plus


  • Anyone who is 5 years or older can get a COVID-19 vaccination.
Fully vaccinated Easy Read word.


When you’ve had all the doses you need of a COVID-19 vaccine, we say you are up to date with your vaccinations.

A doctor talking to a woman.


Your doctor will tell you if you need extra doses in the future.

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