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Mortgage help for homeowners during COVID-19

Guidance for people with home loans who are owner-occupiers and may be experiencing financial difficulties due to the impact of COVID-19.

First step ‒ speak to your lender

Many home loan providers, including banks and non-bank lenders, announced measures to support eligible customers impacted by coronavirus.

Changing the terms of your home loan

In times of financial difficulty, changing the terms or conditions of your home loan could be worth considering.

Deferring repayments

If you choose to defer your home loan payments, the interest that builds up in the period you defer will usually be added to the home loan, so it may take you longer to pay off.

If you default on your home loan

Find out about what happens if you fall behind on your mortgage payments.

Debt agreements and bankruptcy

Information about filing for bankruptcy or entering into a debt agreement.

Help with managing your finances

Information about how to make a budget, financial support and help with your utility bills.


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