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Help with managing your finances

Information about how to make a budget, financial support and help with your utility bills.

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Make a budget

If your income stops or is reduced, it may be hard to meet financial commitments.

Budgeting is a practical way to see where you spend your money, and can help to:

  • get a clearer picture of your overall financial position, which can make you feel more in control
  • prepare you for unexpected expenses
  • spot areas where you can cut back spending and save money.

Get financial support

There is a range of temporary payments available for people affected by coronavirus (COVID-19). The type of support you may get will depend on your situation. They include a:


You can also find:

  • guidance to help you pay council rates, bills and fines at Moneysmart  
  • help with expense claims if you're working from home during the coronavirus at the Australian Tax Office
  • how to plan and make a budget at Moneysmart

Energy costs

There a number of savings available to eligible customers that can help reduce energy bills, including rebates for:

  • retail customers (if you get your bill from an energy retailer)
  • on supply customers (if you get your energy bill or invoice from a strata manager or community village operator).

No interest loans


Good Shepherd is working with the Federal Government and NAB to offer 24-month interest free household relief loans for those affected by coronavirus.

Loans of up to $3000 to pay for rent, bond and utilities, with no interest, charges or fees.

You can call the free COVID hardship support hotline on 1300 121 130 or apply online.

Financial Information Service


This is a free, confidential service where you can talk to a Financial Information Service Officer from the Federal Government about:

  • financial products including superannuation and investments
  • financial planners and how to use their advice 
  • the benefit of reducing your debt
  • how to increase your retirement income

Financial counselling

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