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What to expect in quarantine

Find out what happens from the time you arrive in Sydney to the time you leave your quarantine hotel.

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Arriving into NSW

If you are travelling home to NSW from overseas, you will need to quarantine. Hotel quarantine will stop any potential spread of COVID-19

Hotel quarantine is pre-arranged and organised when arriving into Sydney Airport. You do not need to make any bookings in advance, and transportation to the hotel will be provided. 

Due to the number of arrivals, the location of your hotel will be determined on the day, based on hotel capacity. All quarantine hotels are located in Sydney. 

Find out more information about hotel quarantine on NSW Health.

Quarantine period

Even if you receive a negative COVID-19 test result, you will need to complete the quarantine period which starts on the day you arrive in NSW and ends when the sooner of the following occurs

  • at least 14 full days have passed and the Chief Health Officer (or delegate) is satisfied that
    • you do not pose a risk of infecting any other person with COVID-19 due to testing for COVID-19 and
    • you will get a COVID-19 test 2 days after leaving the quarantine facility
  • 24 full days have passed if you refuse to participate in health checks and COVID-19 testing.

A full day means a 24 hour period commencing at 12am (midnight) and ending at 12am (midnight) on the following day).

Where people test positive to COVID-19 while in quarantine, their quarantine period may extend beyond 14 days to stop any potential spread of COVID-19 into the community. This will be assessed individually and according to risk.

View the latest public health orders for air transportation and maritime quarantine.

During quarantine

Most hotel quarantine will go for 14 days. You will be tested for COVID-19 during quarantine, or at any time if you develop any symptoms

During quarantine, your health and wellbeing is a priority. A dedicated NSW Health team will regularly call you during your stay. If you require any additional support, the team will be able to assist. 

The team are available 24 hours a day and is staffed with mental health professionals, doctors and nurses. 

You can get in contact by contacting the hotel reception, or phone 1300 290 994.

During your quarantine, all meals will be provided to your hotel room. You may also use takeaway services once per day at your own cost, which will be delivered to you.

Hotel receptions will manage additional items including personal care items such as toothpaste and sanitary items. 

When to wear a mask during quarantine

When someone knocks on your door to deliver food, please put your mask on and wait 30 seconds before opening the door.

Hotel guest wear a mask poster. Please wear a mask when you open the door.

Please also wear a mask when

  • you place rubbish outside your door
  • you place linen outside your door
  • you are told to leave your room
  • you move around the hotel when checking in and checking out.

Common questions about hotel rooms

Wi-Fi Included in rooms for all guests and there is no cost for the internet.
Furniture Most rooms have a table and chair and are suitable for conducting computer-based work. Business services may be available through reception.
Exercise Some hotels can facilitate hired exercise machines. Enquire through reception after you have checked in.
Windows Many hotels have windows that cannot be opened. All hotels have air conditioning that is controlled within the room.


Hotel quarantine is an important risk management strategy and there are strict conditions on quarantine guests. Although the facilities are hotels, they are not functioning as hotels usually would. 

Be kind to hotel, health and other staff and follow their advice, guidance and directions. All guest requests will be dealt with where possible.

Testing during quarantine

You will be tested on several occasions for COVID-19 throughout the quarantine period. Even if the result is negative, you will need to remain in quarantine. 

If you test positive for COVID-19 during your stay, you will be assessed by a medical team and transferred to the facility that best suits your healthcare needs. This may be a hospital or a quarantine facility managed by NSW Health clinicians, known as Special Health Accommodation.

Transferring you enables specialised staff to monitor and support you until you have recovered and are no longer infectious. The clinical staff will work with you to determine if any travelling companions can be safely transferred with you. This will be dependent on your health, their health, individual circumstances and potential risks.

Penalties apply if you refuse to stay in quarantine

Not following the quarantine rules is a criminal offence and attracts heavy penalties.

For individuals, the maximum penalty is $11,000, 6 months in prison, or both with a further $5500 fine for each day the offence continues.


When you are in quarantine, no visitors will be allowed in the hotel or your room. 

While family and friends cannot visit, hotel staff can help bring care packages from your family and friends to your hotel room. 

Working and studying

14 days of quarantine may be a good opportunity to gain a new skill or start studying for a qualification. 

JobTrainer provides school leavers and job seekers with hundreds of fee-free* and low cost courses, to help develop new skills.

Foreign nationals

While in Australia, foreign citizens can contact their country’s representative for consulate assistance.

Finishing quarantine

On the day before your quarantine period finishes, you will be visited by a multidisciplinary team. The team will:

  • provide your final COVID-19 result
  • conduct a final health screen and
  • provide you with information about your departure. 

You will need to get a COVID-19 test 2 days after leaving quarantine.

Before leaving hotel quarantine, all guests 12 years and older will be offered a COVID-19 vaccination (Pfizer or AstraZeneca). The vaccination team will identify a suitable second dose vaccine for those who have already had one dose. Learn more about vaccinations for returned travellers.

If you are newly returned to NSW, here are some links to help you settle back in after quarantine.


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