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Cost of living

The Cost of Living program helps NSW residents find and access more than 40 rebates and savings offered across NSW Government agencies.

The Customer Service Commission supports customer initiatives through helping agencies understand customer needs to providing expert advice on implementation. This is a program we have supported.

Customer talking to Service NSW staff member


A significant proportion of the NSW public were not aware of rebates and savings offered by the NSW Government to help with their cost of living.

What the NSW Government did

In July 2018, the NSW Government consolidated rebates and savings information onto one website, making it easier for citizens to cut costs on power bills, utilities, transport, health, sports and recreation.

By answering a few simple questions through an online eligibility tool, citizens can identify the rebates and savings that they are eligible to apply for. Cost of Living specialists also provide face-to-face support in selected Service NSW Centres to assist customers throughout the process.

What was achieved

Overall customer satisfaction with the Cost of Living appointment service is tracking at 99.8 per cent.

As of 28 February 2019, customers have accessed more than $530 million in rebates and savings from July 2018.

Over 14,000 customers have realised savings from the appointment service and have saved an average of $530.

Find out more about the Cost of Living program.

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