Creating a sports carnival that everyone can enjoy

Children on the autism spectrum from around NSW can participate in an inclusive and tailored annual sports carnival, thanks to the NSW Government and Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect).

Child enjoying participating in a sports carnival


Children with autism significantly benefit from participating in social activities, but often miss out on sports and recreational activities. For a child on the autism spectrum, sports carnivals are overwhelming due to crowds, cheering and loud music.

What the NSW Government did

The NSW Government has proudly supported the Aspect Sports Carnival since 2007.

Each year, the carnival brings more than 800 school students together for a day of inclusivity and celebration.

Held at the Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre, around 1000 parents, helpers and volunteers assist Aspect to deliver traditional activities like running, hurdles and egg-and-spoon races, as well as tailored activities like sensory bubble popping.

What was achieved

The carnival brings joy and happiness to kids and families who would otherwise not be able to participate in school and community sporting events.

Children with autism are given a chance to participate in a range of activities that are adapted and suitable.


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