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Fair Trading warns consumers not to deal with Gtek Solutions

5 August 2019

NSW Fair Trading is warning consumers not to deal with telemarketing company Gtek Solutions Pty Ltd, trading as ‘Gtek Solutions’ based in Sydney’s CBD.

NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rose Webb said the Gtek Solutions’ business tactics include cold-calling consumers to sell printer ink cartridges and cleaning products.

“Fair Trading has received a number of complaints about Gtek Solutions from people who report being pressured and harassed into accepting promotional office products. People are unaware they may be locked into an ongoing contract to purchase additional goods over several months and years into the future,” Ms Webb said.

The business does not provide consumers with a written contract outlining any clear terms and conditions of the agreement, or their rights to a cooling-off period. Consumers are then issued an invoice demanding payment for the additional goods that they did not agree to purchase and have continued to receive.

“When the consumer refuses to accept the unwanted additional goods, the trader refers to the initial verbal contract made over the telephone and continues to demand payment,” Ms Webb said.

The actions of Gtek Solutions may constitute breaches under the Australian Consumer Law regarding unsolicited consumer agreements.

Fair Trading is reminding consumers to be cautious of cold-calling telemarketing businesses such as Gtek Solutions and to exercise their right to demand a written copy of a contract before entering into any agreement.

If the trader does not or refuses to provide a written contract, consumers are warned not to provide any personal details over the phone or make any payment to the trader.

If consumers have any questions or concerns about unsolicited consumer agreements, they can contact NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20.  Anyone who has had unsatisfactory dealings with Gtek Solutions is urged to contact Fair Trading.

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