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Putting the consumer at the centre of the Tow Truck Industry

1 August 2019

Feedback is being sought on NSW Government proposals to remake the Tow Truck Industry Regulation 2008, with public consultation opening today.

NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rose Webb said the proposals aim to better assist and protect consumers who can be in a vulnerable position after a car accident.

The new regulation proposes consumers will be given an upfront quote for service, information on their rights at point of tow including the right to refuse a tow for any reason, and where and who can carry out the service.

“The tow truck industry plays an integral role on our roads by providing vital services, and we must ensure our regulations are modern and fit-for-purpose,” Ms Webb said.

“The consultation is an opportunity for the public and key stakeholders to provide feedback on proposals that will help inform policymaking.”

Key proposals include:
* Strengthening consumer protection by requiring operators to provide motorists with additional information following a car accident;
* Reducing red tape by removing automatic revocation due to medical reasons or failure to renew a driver’s licence;
* Exempting caravan owners, licensed mechanics and multi-deck car carriers from licensing requirements where they do not represent a risk to consumers and businesses;
* Streamlining fee structures by changing the business hour requirements to reflect peak traffic and accident time periods in metropolitan Sydney; and
* Modernising the provisions for holding yards and tow truck equipment.

The consultation period is open until 29 August 2019. For more information visit the consultation section of the NSW Fair Trading website:

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