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Register your interest: Global façade consultant role

Complete this form to register your firm’s interest in the global façade consultant (GFC) role. 

Registrations close at 5pm on Monday 2 August 2021.

One of the key roles that the managing contractor will procure as part of the assurance overlay is a global façade consultant. 

This organisation will use its façade engineering and design expertise to provide essential program-wide advice to guide the design of façade remediation solutions for the program. 

The organisation will also maintain a ‘pattern book’ of remediation designs used throughout the program. The anticipated functions are set out below for your information in deciding whether to register interest in this role. 

Purpose of this Registration of Interest   

The Department of Customer Service is appointing a managing contractor to oversee the delivery of many elements of Project Remediate, including the selection and procurement of other suppliers. 

To ensure that the procurement of important service providers including the global façade consultant is carried out promptly we are seeking registrations of interest from candidates that may be interested in eventual procurement opportunities for this role.

The managing contractor may then contact the candidates who had registered interest (as well as others) in order to select and appoint the most suitable organisation.

Project Remediate is a 3-year program to support owners corporations through the process of replacing combustible cladding on high risk residential apartment buildings. 

It includes interest-free loans to fund the cost of remediation work and a package of project assurance services ensure the work is delivered safely and effectively, and that the remediated cladding can be insured without increased premiums or coverage limitations.  

A managing contractor will be appointed to coordinate the remediation work for each building and for the overall program, provide technical leadership and provide an excellent customer experience for the building owners corporations.  

The Cladding Product Safety Panel provides independent expert advice on the products and systems that will be used under the program. 

Panels of pre-qualified building assessment/investigation consultants, design teams, remediation contractors, superintendents and assurers will be appointed by the managing contractor.

View a diagram of the delivery structure for the program (PDF, 116.95 KB)

The GFC will interact with the building assessment/investigation contractors, design teams and remediation contractors who will be appointed for each individual building from panels of approved providers.

Building assessment contractors and design teams will investigate the cladding and wall assembly methods of each building and provide reports and design documentation to the GFC.  

The GFC will retain this information and use it to develop and maintain a ‘pattern book’ of common remediation solutions. Design teams will be able to draw on these solutions when designing remediation plans for each individual building.

The pattern book will address common cladding replacement situations and will act as a shared body of knowledge to assist designers.  

The GFC will issue program-wide design guidelines drawing on the advice of the Cladding Product Safety Panel and panel designers, to ensure consistency of design approach and quality across the program. 

It is envisaged that the global facade consultant’s role will involve:  

  1. Assisting the managing contractor in developing facade replacement design and procurement methods 

  1. Establishing inspection and design guidelines for Project Remediate drawing on the advice of the Cladding Product Safety Panel and established Australian and international guidelines 

  1. Developing standard/indicative details and/or design principles and maintaining a ‘pattern book’ of preferred remediation designs for Project Remediate 

  1. Reviewing and referencing site inspection reports and test results 

  2. Review of project scopes and tenders for remediation works to inform the 'pattern book' 
  3. Independently reviewing design solutions developed by project design teams and identifying any areas requiring additional consideration (design verification and declarations would be provided by the design teams) 

  1. Update the pattern book as appropriate to provide continuous learning for Project Remediate 

  1. Initial review of new products and systems proposed by industry before presenting these to the Cladding Product Safety Panel for determination on suitability for inclusion in Project Remediate 

  1. Initial review of new or alternative cladding products and systems and referral of supported products and systems to the Cladding Product Safety Panel  

  1. Organising product testing as required on behalf of the Cladding Product Safety Panel 

  1. Provision of advice throughout the project to the managing contractor and the panels of experts engaged through Project Remediate

The GFC will be an organisation with personnel dedicated to the role who have knowledge and demonstrated experience in each of the façade design knowledge areas listed on below and specialist knowledge in one or more particular aspect of façade design and engineering. The organisation will have demonstrated ability to provide technical support in the specialist areas nominated. 

Organisational requirements  

  1. A demonstrated ability and sound knowledge of façade design and demonstrated capability in dealing with issues which may arise in structural, sustainability, acoustic, fire, wind, access and mechanical engineering to ensure the façade design outcomes have minimal impact on other key engineering aspects of the building. 

  1. Extensive experience in a range of façade systems with the ability to diagnose a given project and understand the principles for which that cladding material is being used.  

  1. Experience in recladding existing buildings and working with remediation contractors. 

  1. Demonstrated ability to work with multiple stakeholders. 

  1. Capability to perform detailed engineering calculations and the analysis required for various cladding materials and façade designs, together with an understanding of the key loading requirements for façade such as wind, maintenance, self-weight, earthquake etc. 

  1. Professional indemnity insurance coverage of $5M.  

Personnel requirements

  1. We anticipate the organisation will have at least two lead individuals dedicated to the GFC role. It is expected that additional qualified practitioners will be needed during the initial 12 months of the project to establish the ‘pattern book’, reducing as the program needs permit.  

  2. We anticipate that the lead personnel will hold qualifications equivalent to a postgraduate degree in a relevant Engineering discipline with 10+ years of façade-specific experience. They are or will be capable of being chartered or registered with Engineers Australia, the National Engineer’s Register (NER) for structural engineering and/or the NSW Register of Building Practitioners.

The global facade consultant’s function is anticipated to be performed by a team of people able to cover all design knowledge areas including: 

  • Weathertightness 

  • Structural behaviour 

  • Interaction with the primary structure 

  • Thermal gains and losses through the façade 

  • Energy efficiency codes 

  • Condensation 

  • Ventilation 

  • Fire behaviour of the building envelope 

  • Acoustic performance 

  • Safety and serviceability 

  • Security 

  • Durability and maintenance  

  • Buildability and installation 

  • Façade inspection and remediation 

  • Access 

  • Testing 

Registration of interest

Complete this form to register your organisation’s interest in the global façade consultant role. 

Registration information will be provided to the managing contractor when they are appointed. The managing contractor will be responsible for procuring this organisation. 

My organisation is interested in the global façade consultant role and would like to be contacted by the managing contractor about this opportunity. 

Registrations close at 5pm on Monday 2 August 2021.

My organisation agrees to the information in this registration of interest being passed on to the managing contractor appointed for Project Remediate. 
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