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The Hon. Kevin Anderson MP, Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation

Photo of Minister Anderson

Kevin Anderson entered NSW Parliament in 2010 and since 2019 has held the portfolio of Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation.

He has also held Parliamentary Secretary roles for Regional Roads and Transport and Parliamentary Secretary to the Deputy Premier and for Regional Roads and Rail.


Minister Anderson is one of the ministers responsible for the wide range of agencies that make up the Department of Customer Service,

As Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, Minister Anderson is responsible for a range of agencies that deal with the creation and enforcement of laws and regulations, especially those affecting consumer rights and business responsibilities, public and workplace safety, and the construction industry. Such as: 


Projects and initiatives

The Minister is committed to ensuring that our workplaces are safe, is passionate about improving confidence in the State’s housing and construction sector, and delivering a fair go to both the industry and the community in both regional and metropolitan NSW.

Examples of this include:

  • updating the rules for people who design and build multi-story, multi-unit residential buildings
  • revamping the rules governing areas as diverse as Strata Tenancy laws and retirement villages
  • establishing the Family and Injured Workers support group.

The Minister is also passionate about driving innovation across NSW government services.

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