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Bankstown tow truck driver disqualified for police tirade

A Bankstown tow truck driver who was caught speeding through a school zone with no seatbelt on and subsequently calling a police officer “a chicken sh*t” has had his licence disqualified.

NSW Fair Trading banned Sam Hannoun from holding a towing certificate for two years after an incident that took place on March 26 2020.

Mr Hannoun was declared a not and fit and proper person following an altercation with NSW Police that resulted in him being charged and convicted of two indictable offences against the Crimes Act 1900, including resisting an officer whilst in the execution of his duty and intimidating a police officer in the execution of his duty without causing actual bodily harm.

The court found that Mr Hannoun made threats toward the police officer and comments including: “You’re a chicken sh*t and that’s why I hate chicken sh*ts” and “If you were somewhere else mate, I’d f**king deck you”.

On June 4 2020 Mr Hannoun was convicted of the two charges at Bankstown Local Court and sentenced to a two year Conditional Release Order.

His case was then referred to the NSW Fair Trading Tow Truck Division and escalated to the Disciplinary Action Unit, where the decision was made to disqualify his towing certificate.

NSW Fair Trading Executive Director of Investigations and Enforcement Valerie Griswold said the Disciplinary Action Unit frequently works with police in cases where the community is involved.

“We want to protect consumers so if a person is undertaking a role in direct contact with the community and criminal charges are involved, we have to take action,” Ms Griswold said.

“While disciplinary action is serious, it is intended to give the individual time to consider their actions and return with a new outlook and appreciation for their licence.”

Last updated: 16 May 2021
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