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Don’t let dodgy electrical gifts make this Father’s Day a shocker

23 August 2019

NSW Fair Trading has reported back on a two-week marketplace surveillance operation to ensure electrical and gas products being sold in NSW in the lead up to Father’s Day are safe and compliant.

NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rose Webb said Fair Trading officers targeted variety discount stores, barbeque retailers, camping stores and larger retailers across Sydney’s CBD and surrounding suburbs – and found a few favourites such as gas camping cookers, massagers and chargers were non‑compliant.

“The team inspected over 3,500 electrical and gas appliances because of the popularity of these items around Father’s Day. Ten non-compliant products were uncovered and while most businesses were doing the right thing it was concerning to find a few potentially dangerous items,” Ms Webb said.

A number of gas camping cookers, a popular choice for dads, were uncovered without approval marks. Gas appliances for sale without an attached, recognised label may be non-compliant and therefore are potentially unsafe.

The problem electrical products included massagers, chargers and adapters and were not marked with an approval number. An approval number shows that an item has been certified against Australian Standards and can be sold in NSW.

“If you can’t see a mark or number, ask the salesperson to show you. If they are unable to show you, do not make the purchase and contact NSW Fair Trading.

“Consumers have the right to expect that the goods they buy are safe, no matter what the bargain price is,” Ms Webb said.

More information about what to look out for when purchasing gas and electrical items can be found on the Fair Trading website:

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