Belong in our diverse and inclusive workplace   

The strength of our workforce lies in its diversity and embracing difference, while the key to our success is leveraging the contributions of employees with different backgrounds and perspectives. 

Our people

Five staff members from the Department of Customer Service standing and smiling at the camera
A young female employee of DCS having a conversation with another member of staff off camera.
Two NSW Government staff members wearing the rainbow waratah t-shirts
DCS staff who are members of the carers employee reference group.
A Muslim female adult places her right palm on left chest (Malaysian culture way greetings) as an alternative to handshakes.
NSW Government rainbow pride logo tattooed on person's arm

Communities within DCS

We understand how important a sense of community can be in the workplace.

We have 10 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) made up of volunteer employees dedicated to creating a positive and impactful difference to workplace culture. They play an integral role in deepening our understanding of customers and community to ensure DCS is a welcome, accessible place for all.

DCS Ability ERG

Gives a voice to staff with disability and improves awareness of working with people with disabilities.

Aboriginal ERG icon

Creating a safe and inclusive environment for employees and customers of DCS.

Carers ERG icon

To provide carers with a safe and supportive environment to share experiences without judgement and learn from one another, as well as champion a healthy, inclusive and fair workplace.

Culturally and Linguistic Diverse (CALD)

Aims to build awareness and understanding of cultural and linguistic differences and perspectives.

Pride ERG icon

Aims to enable all staff to bring their best selves to work and to assist our LGBTQIA+ staff to be an integral and accepted part of DCS’s diverse workforce. 

Generations ERG icon
Generations (45 years +)

To help develop a workplace culture that builds respect.

Women leaders ERG icon
Leading women

Aims to empower and uplift all women across DCS to create future generations of public sector leaders.

MENergy ERG icon

For people of all backgrounds and genders to discuss men’s issues and champion a healthy, inclusive and fair workplace for all.

Regional ERG icon

The group supports our people living in regional, rural and remote NSW.

Young Professionals Network ERG icon
Young Professionals Network (35 years and under)

Aims to provide professional development, collaboration and networking opportunities for young professionals across DCS.


To ensure DCS is a welcoming and positive workplace that celebrates and supports working parents and their families – and allows them to bring their whole and best selves to work

Two women talking and working on a laptop

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

We're committed to building a workforce that includes our First Nations people.

We are working with our existing Aboriginal workforce to build a talent pipeline and working hard with community groups and representatives to attract more people to the NSW public service.

We are improving Aboriginal cultural capability by teaching all public sector employees to respect and accommodate cultural differences.

Read more about our plans in our aboriginal employment strategy (PDF 10.19MB).

You can email us for more information.

Working with disability

Blind person using a braille keyboard
We will work with you to make sure you have everything you need to succeed

We recognise that disability is broad and diverse and is often invisible. We can provide you with the adjustments you need as a candidate, or as an employee to succeed in your work and progress your career.

We have worked hard to increase the number of employees with disability and implemented a Disability Inclusion Action Plan.

We ensure that meetings and events are accessible including formal and informal gatherings, conferences, webinars, town halls and team meetings.

We can make workplace adjustments to suit your needs in order to help you succeed.

If you need screen reading software, a specific ergonomic chair or desk or need to modify your work hours to accommodate your needs, we can help. You can request an adjustment at any point in your career with us. 

All of our buildings are accessible and have facilities to meet your needs.

Recruitment for people with disability

We want to represent the wonderful communities that we service and welcome all people with disability to apply for our roles.

DCS has obtained the Disability Confident Recruiter (DCR) Accreditation with the Australian Network on Disability (AND) which means that our recruitment processes are accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities.

We can make adjustments, including alternative formats in the recruitment process to suit your needs so you can best demonstrate your capabilities to the inherent requirements of the role.

This can include but is not limited to different assessment tasks, Auslan interpretation or real-time captioning for interviews, or asking that we meet you at reception prior to an interview.

To get a recruitment adjustment, just tick the appropriate box in the online application form, or contact your recruiter directly.

More information is available on the I work for NSW website.

Stepping Into program 

The Department of Customer Service participates in the Australian Network on Disability ‘Stepping Into Program’ twice a year. Stepping Into connects university students with disability to leading Australian employers. 

The program gives students on-the-job experience in their area of study, while the employer gains confidence managing or supporting a team member with disability, improves workplace morale and productivity, and grows a diverse and inclusive workforce. 

Ask us a question

If you have a question about workplace adjustments, call us on 02 9494 8351, or fill out our form.  All fields are mandatory.

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