Cabinet Practice Manual

Cabinet is the forum of NSW Government Ministers who deliberate upon and decide major policy for the government. This online resource will help agencies preparing Cabinet Submissions to better understand each stage of the Cabinet system.


Key people and aspects of Cabinet

Cabinet should determine all significant matters that affect the government as a whole. Understand which matters are for Cabinet, key roles within Cabinet and confidentiality.

The Cabinet system and workflow

Understand the steps involved in developing a Cabinet submission. 

Types of submissions

Cabinet approval of legislation is required 'in principle' before a bill can be drafted.


Cabinet consideration is only required for appointments identified as significant or high-level. Ministers are able to directly appoint to boards and committees where Cabinet approval is not required.

The Executive Council

The formal body that advises the Governor on the exercise of his or her statutory duties and powers.

Responding to comments

Final submissions are typically amended in response to comments from other portfolios of agencies received during the draft submission stage.

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