Restricted parking

Some areas have signs restricting the time or conditions for parking. Knowing about these signs can help you avoid a parking fine or having your vehicle towed.

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Restrictions for parking

You can stop or park in some places that have restricted times or conditions.

Restrictions may be on a sign or marked on the road.

Check carefully to avoid a parking fine or having your vehicle towed.

Clearways and special events

A broken yellow line can also be used to show a clearway.

Clearways improve traffic flow and safety during busy periods or at special events. You must not stop or park between these signs during the times shown, unless in an emergency.

Buses and taxis (but not rideshare vehicles) can stop in a clearway to pick up or drop off passengers.

You must not park between a 'Clearway' sign
You must not park between a 'Clearway' sign
'End clearway' sign
'End clearway' sign
Special event clearway road sign
You must not park in a special event clearway during the times and dates shown on the sign

Special event parking

Special event parking areas are used near major sporting or entertainment venues. You must not park for longer than the period on the signs, unless you have a parking permit.

Special event parking sign
You must not park for more than the time shown in the special event parking area during the period shown on the sign, unless you have a parking permit

Restricted parking areas

Restricted parking areas are used in large public areas that have limited entry and exit points, such as Darling Harbour and Homebush Bay.

You must not stop or park between the ‘Restricted parking area’ and ‘End restricted parking area’ signs, except where a sign says you can. You can stop to pick up or drop off goods or passengers.

Sspecial event clearway sign
Restricted parking signs

Time-limited parking

You can park on the days of the week and during the hours shown on the sign.

Timed parking
Signs showing the days and times you can park

Accessible parking

You can park in an area reserved for people with disability if you have a current Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) permit, or if you’re driving a person with the permit. The permit must be displayed in the vehicle.

MPS permit holders can also park for longer in areas with time restrictions. See MPS parking conditions.

Accessible parking sign
Accessible parking sign

Resident parking

You can park without charge or time restrictions if you have a valid parking permit for that area. You must display your parking permit at all times.

Motorcycle parking

You must not park between these signs, unless you’re a motorcycle rider. You can stop to drop off or pick up passengers.

Motorcycle only parking sign
Motorcycle parking sign

Pay parking

You must pay for parking if a sign reads 'Meter', 'Ticket', 'Phone' or 'Coupon' parking. You can park for the length of time shown on the sign.

For example, a ‘2P meter’ sign means you can park for up to 2 hours and you must pay using the meter.

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