Road User Handbook

The Road User Handbook covers the main rules you need to know to drive legally and safely on NSW roads. Here's how to get a copy.

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About the Road User Handbook

The Road User Handbook is essential reading if you are applying for a driver licence or learning to drive. It prepares you for the Driver Knowledge Test as well as other licensing tests and must be passed to get a learner licence. 

The handbook helps you check the rules, understand legal responsibilities and learn safe driving behaviour.

Read the Road User Handbook (PDF, 7MB) online or purchase a copy from your local Service NSW centre.

Community languages

The Road User Handbook is available in 8 community languages.

If you have feedback on these translations, please contact us

If you need this content in other languages, you can access road rules and safety information in 66 languages using the language function provided on this website.

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