Waterways and designated areas

Rules and advice for safe boating in different NSW waterways and conditions. Includes open and enclosed waters, restricted zones and mooring.

Open waters

Prepare for the conditions and hazards of open waters when you're out boating. Use our planning checklist, and learn how to handle rough waters.

Enclosed waters

How to prepare for safe boating on rivers, lakes and other enclosed waterways in NSW. Plan ahead for local conditions and hazards.

Coastal bars

How to safely cross NSW coastal bars at the entrance to inland waterways and coastal estuaries. Locations, webcams and boating safety advice.

Alpine waters

If you're planning on boating on NSW alpine waters, be prepared for challenging conditions such as cold water and sudden weather changes.

Mooring and anchoring

Mooring and anchoring your boat safely helps protect people and the environment. Learn about rules and places to secure your vessel in NSW.

Exclusion and restriction zones

Check maps and keep a lookout for restriction and exclusion zones for vessels on NSW waterways. These include swimming, event and port zones.


Understand the management strategy for houseboat access, operation, and mooring arrangements on NSW waterways.

Water storage facilities

Access the Guidelines for Managing Potential Hazards on Water Storages in NSW

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