Fitting vehicle accessories

Guidelines and regulations on fitting optional and additional vehicle lamps, bull bars, and ladder racks.

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Optional and additional lamps

You can fit aftermarket lamps and lighting systems from your vehicle's manufacturer as long as they meet the vehicle standards requirements for:

  • how much light they emit
  • what colour light they emit
  • how they operate
  • their location.

See the Australian Design Rules (13, 19 and 67) for the requirements for light and heavy vehicles built from 1988.

Most optional and additional lamps are a minor modification and do not require a VSCCS Compliance Certificate. If you're unsure about whether a vehicle accessory needs a compliance certificate, speak to a licensed certifier before you purchase it.

Cornering lamps, daytime running lights (DRL) or an aftermarket lamp that's replacing a brake, turn signal or headlamp, may need to get a VSCCS Compliance Certificate.

Bull bars, ladder racks and protrusions

It is illegal and dangerous to fit a bull bar or accessory that extends beyond the vehicle. Protrusions that extend beyond the vehicle could seriously injure a pedestrian or road users who may come into contact with the protrusion.

Bull bars, vehicle frontal protection systems and racks used to carry ladders or loads of any type must not have:

  • protrusions
  • sharp edges
  • pointed corners or accessories that interfere with the driver’s field of view such as what you can see to the front and sides of the vehicle.

This includes loaded and unloaded racks, fishing rod holders, winches, additional lamps and their respective mounting brackets.

Aerials and winches which cannot meet this requirement must be removed after operational use.

Emergency vehicles (including rescue vehicles) that constantly need to use their equipment are exempt from this requirement.

Heavy vehicles

For information relating to heavy vehicles contact the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) on or call them on 1300 696 487.

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