Primary schools

It is important to start building good digital citizenship skills in the early years of schooling.

In February, students in Kindergarten (Foundation) to Year 6 can engage in lessons and activities to:

  • get them set for the school year with online safety knowledge and skills
  • learn to be kind online
  • protect online information
  • get help from a trusted adult
A primary school student working on a computer in class.

Online safety lessons and activities

Be an eSafe kid - connect, reflect, protect (Years 3-6) virtual classroom

Students can use their voice to make things better online for themselves and others. They will learn to:

  • identify the different ways we connect online
  • reflect on how connections, posts and comments can affect themselves and others
  • develop ways to protect themselves using help-seeking and reporting strategies.

Date: 16 February 2023

Time: 2:00 -2:45 pm (AEDT)

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An illustration of two geometric cartoon characters (they look like bears, one is red, the other is yellow) are surrounding a computer that says "Google - Interland - Be internet Awesome"

Be Internet Awesome 

Students get help to make smart decisions when playing online. They learn to:

  • be kind online and share with care
  • distinguish between real and fake online content
  • protect their online information and get help from a trusted adult.

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Cyber safety lesson plans for NSW educators

Be a Cybermarvel: Be kind online (NSW Stage 3)

Students can learn and discuss the signs of cyberbullying and explore their feelings if they see or experience this behaviour. This activity also supports building respectful and kind behaviours through the use of engaging classroom activities.

Access the lesson plan on the Universal Resources Hub (login required)

Be a Cybermarvel: Be safe online (NSW Stage 2)

Students can explore five simple online safety topics using video, peer discussion and student-centred tasks. The activities are designed to improve engagement and online safety learning outcomes.

Access lesson plan on the Universal Resource Hub (login required)

Be a Cybermarvel: Be a digital detective (NSW Stage 3)

Digital literacy skills allow students to feel empowered to question things they find online. They can learn to critically evaluate online information and images to make informed decisions, share responsibly and maintain their online reputation.

Access the lesson plan on the Universal Resources Hub (login required)

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