Girilambone Railway revitalisation

Renovation of Girilambone Railway Station will create a Railway Heritage Museum, Aboriginal art gallery, café, workshop and free campsite.

Bogan Shire’s tourism and art scene will receive a funding boost to transform historic Girilambone Railway Station into a Railway Heritage Museum and Aboriginal art gallery.

The funding will pay to establish a visitor hub, which will include a:

  • museum
  • café
  • art gallery
  • artist workshop
  • free campsite.

The rail heritage initiative will build upon the shire’s status as a tourist destination in western NSW and help diversify the local economy. The investment will benefit the whole community as tourist money will also be spent in the local cafés, nearby accommodation, retail stores and other attractions.

It will also put locals to work immediately during the construction phase, providing an immediate economic stimulus as money earned in the shire stays in the shire.

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